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As rare as a unicorn and literal as its meaning Pink Lemon is the newest face of fearlessness and expressing yourself.  Embarking on a road not meant taken by many, this platform was created to be source of inspiration – dare to be different!

We know you like funky and unorthodox designs but don’t let the fear of standing out stop you.

At Pink Lemon we carve exquisite designs with 100% functionality and want all those who try our bag to fall love.

Our extensive range of bags, totes and clutches store essentials like your phone, make up-kit, diary and much more. We are the essential you can’t live without.

Pink Lemon; Tingly as Lemon and Lovely as Pink

The optimum quality with courtesy of Vegan Leather, Clear PVC, and canvas offers the vibrancy you require. To make them more versatile we bring them on different sizes, shapes, and materials.

These custom one of a kind designs at Pink Lemon have something for everyone and that’s our motto. Pick which style best suits you and makes you feel sparkly.

Contact us at sales@shoppinklemon.com