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Pink Lemon; Tingly as Lemon and Lovely as Pink

Our prints are immune to cloudy days and grumpy people.

At Pink Lemon have something for everyone and that’s our motto. Pick which style best suits and makes you feel sparkly.

The most important thing that you’ll find at Pink Lemon is dedication. We’re dedicated to bringing out the best and nothing less. We are dedicated to bring fun and useful items to your everyday life. 

Our bags are made out of canvas, vegan leather and clear pvc. All of our styles are fully lined. 

Our quotes were picked to lighten up your day, empower and encourage you to go out and be the best YOU. Never give up and always have fun!

So dig in, have a look, and browse. Just choose what you like let us know where to send it and we will take care of the rest!  

Contact us at sales@shoppinklemon.com